Ghana to the World - Summer Programme

Check Ghana off your summer bucket list

Summer Programme: June 3 - 25, 2022 And July 1 - 24, 2022

Ghana to the World

Ghana to the World, is a three in one programme where participants can study and learn about Ghana and Africa as well as experience fun activities on the green campus of the University of Ghana. Using the medium of interactive lectures that seek to immerse students in discussions on Africa centered topics and structured cultural tours, GTW tells the story of Africa from the perspective of Ghana, promotes cross-cultural emersion and builds international peer networks all over the world. 

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Celebrating the benefits of international collaboration



Expanding knowledge and understanding of Africa

Experience African centered instruction from faculty with global exposure

Immersing oneself in traditional dance, drama and music

Gain a stimulating and refreshing understanding of traditional art forms and culture

Get lost in fireside discussions of traditional folktales and their contemporary applicability

Visit tourist attractions

Engaged. Resilient. Global.

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